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If a million people do, the world changes !
If you do it your world changes !

29 September 2022:
Great feast of the Archangels of Light!
🙏 Communicate with the Archangels of the Healing Light 🙏
💚 The 7 archangels of light are in direct connection with God, The Source! 💚
The world will be saved by the reconnection of humanity to the divine source !

The 43,282 students of the School of Deep Transformation invite you:
Great operation ETE 2022
We are ALL involved !

We’re looking for a million people
accepting to participate in communion with the 7 Archangels of Light !
To activate in his life luck, abundance, love and divine wisdom!

The 3 stages of your participation:

1 - Study the teaching of each of the 7 archangels in the preparation brochure: 10€
2 - Begin now the application of these valuable teachings through the connection with each of the 7 archangels of light
3 - To receive on September 29 a free session of energy of reiki from 7 archangels of light
and thus become a conscious pillar of light for the transformation of your individual and collective karma!
🙏 Change your life, realign the world: PROGRAM: 🙏
Fulfill all your desires: abundance, health, love with the help of the 7 archangels of light!

1: Individual alignment work with the brochure: "How to communicate with the 7 archangels of light? "
Every day invoke the archangel of the day with a small personal ritual and entrust your wish to him.

2 - 29 September: Feast of the Archangels: Communication and collective connection with all participants through a free Reiki session of forgiveness of humanity

English version
Brochure 107 pages: "How to talk to the 7 archangels of healing light" 35$ 10$ today !

The Universe is light energy. Our 3D terrestrial dimension is crystallized energy light. We are organic matter, which was built from this cosmic light.
Light is our source, our essence. Throughout its incarnations, the soul has been deceived. It has confused the illusion of matter with reality. She has lost the connection with her true nature. She began to create negative karma. His aura of light was charged with matter, whose density returns him inexorably to the low frequencies of karma. She is now a prisoner of it in the suffering of separation/duality.
The Archangels of Light are the healing intermediaries of the divine rays and the 7 sacred flames of ascension. They are just waiting for your permission to reconnect each of us to the initial essence of cosmic light through the attributes of which they are charged and which you will know how to use daily.
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10€ to the place of 35€

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Invoking the good Archangel at the right time and in the right way assigns you the qualities of transformation that are yours.
You will use according to your need, your day, its color, its candle, its incense, its chakra and its healing stone.
Page 11: Contact the Archangel Mickael, Master of the divine will in action
  •  Archangel Mickael, is the energy that removes obstacles from your path
  • On Monday on blue color
From page 11 to 25, you will receive the teaching of Archangel Mickael in this paragraph
Page 26: Contact the Archangel Camael, Master of Divine Love
  •   By the Archangel Camael, you access Unconditional Love, Omnipresence, Compassion, True Brotherhood
  • Tuesday on pink color
From page 26 to 43, you will receive the teaching of the true love of the Holy Spirit for the Archangel Camael.
Page 43: Contact the Archangel Raphael, Master of physical, karmic and spiritual healing and abundance
  •   By the Archangel Raphael, you become aware of the healing Love of green nature itself, of what you are
  • On Wednesday on green color
From page 43 to 64, you will receive the teaching of your life mission revealed by the Archangel Saint Raphael
Page 64: Contact the Archangel Uriel, Master of the resurrection to his divine essence
  •   By the Archangel Uriel you restore physical peace and emotional in your life
  • Thursday with red and gold color
From page 64 to 73 you will receive the teaching of Archangel Uriel, from the reconnection to your inner child
Page 74: Contact the Archangel Gabriel, Master of Purity of Ascension
  •   The Archangel Gabriel accompanies you on your journey of ascension, in his spiritual definition, is alchemical marriage, or sacred union, between your human being and your divine essence.
  • Friday for white and silver color
From page 74 to 83 you will receive the teaching of the Archangel Gabriel towards purification the negative energies you have accumulated throughout your many incarnations.
Page 84: Contact Archangel Zadkiel, Master of Karmic Transmutation
  •   By Archangel Zadkiel, you will express the energy of the Divine Qualities of Forgiveness and Freedom. of liberation from karma.
  • On Saturday on violet color
From page 84 to 96 you will receive the teaching of Archangel Zakiel to move from the 3D dimension to the new 5D dimension
Page 97: Contact the Archangel Johiel, Master of spiritual wisdom that will be reflected in your actions and life decisions
  •   By the Archangel Johiel, you are to reincorporate your power of creation to be truly divine expression in action.
  • On Sunday yellow color<
From page 97 to 107, you will receive the teaching of Saint Johiel, to get out of the illusion of separation and have to create everything by yourself. Everything has already been created for you, and you will manifest that to which you are focused and feeling. This is the great wisdom that Saint Johiel will put into practice in his life!

Through these teachings, each of your chakras are an energetic vortex active in receiving the qualities and attributes of each of the 7 archangels of light
that will reverberate in your life situations in spiritual wisdom and material abundance!

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Fondatrice de la MGK

Janette – Karuna, founded the ETP, the School of Deep Transformation, this magnificent school of advanced karmic spirituality, in 2012.
The Karmic Healing Method, the MGK, is its pillar and is the result of 25 years of his own karmic healing journey.
It shares with the FTE all the media it has used. This path from awakening to karmic cleansing is our embodiment work. The FTE has guided several thousand people towards the release of their unconscious blockages, thus opening the door to the realization of their life aspirations. She wishes the same result to all her students, knowing that your liberation also frees all your entourage from karmic renewals.